Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice? Yes, Please.

The weatherman is at it again...predicting a 'chance' of winter weather for us. I do not really like ice or snow, but I would love to stay home tomorrow... I mean really, really love to stay home. I am tired. My new school schedule is taking some getting used to, especially teaching Foods...haven't done that in 8 yrs! Sewing is my favorite subject to teach, then Parenting. This semester, I have one class of each...three preps...two lab classes...fabulous students (the saving grace!). Us Betty Crocker types are just too versatile for our own And yes, we still teach that stuff...sewing, cooking, parenting, housing & interior decorating...matter of fact, we have four Family and Consumer Science teachers at my school. FACS was formerly known as Home Economics (and that's what I still call it most of the time!). Anyway...I've studied my Foods lesson, made the PowerPoint & have handouts copied, dubbed the Parenting video from VHS to DVD, ironed my clothes, packed my lunch....surely it will snow or sleet or something! Pleeeeze!


  1. I hope you get tomorrow off! Praying for a thin layer of ice that will be gone by afternoon ;-) xoxo
    P.S. I may have the name for you pretty soon, so we can start on some projects ;-)!!

  2. Guess what? I am a Home Economics Education major. I may have told you that already. I can't remember. I graduated from UNC-G. I was a stay at home Mom and then went back to work and taught pre-school. Never taught high school, other than student teaching. I remember wishing for snow days, to be able to stay home and get things done. I hope you get your wish on Friday, so you can have a long weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Just remember that if you ever need a "personal snow day" I am a sub in your county! I can totally come in for you! :) You know.... in case you get "snowed in" one day! :)