Monday, May 11, 2009

Alive and well...

I've been awful about posting and taking pictures of projects but I really am alive & well & working away down here. Nothing spectacular happening in the basement but here's a quick update...WW total 23.8 lbs!!!...17 regular days/4 exam days/2 work days left 'til summer vacation!!! plenty of orders on 'the list'!!! so many ideas that I can't wait to stitch up!!!...oh,please hurry end of school.
Made a quick trip to SC for Mothers' Day...very nice to see family and share a special day with my 'Mama". Hope all of you Moms had a memorable day.

Had a little 'trading places' episode with daughter, Hannie. She's borrowing my car while hers is getting a 'check up'. A few minutes after she drove away the phone rang and she informed me that my inspection sticker had expired. Isn't talking on the phone while driving illegal?!??! Maybe I will report her! Must admit she did a pretty good 'mother' imitation...scolding me for not being responsible, going to get a ticket...blah, blah, blah...she must have a tape recorder in her head, cause I swear she played it back verbatim. Lord, is that what I really sound like?!?!? And then only seconds later another call with more rantings that I was 3,000 miles over the scheduled oil change...engine would blow up...blah, blah, blah! So like every good wife, I found D and fussed at him for not taking care of my care is 'man work'! Now.

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  1. How funny! Yes, it is def hubby's fault!! Glad you are doing so great with WW!!! Yay for Summer Vaca! xoxo