Monday, May 18, 2009

Babies and big girls...

Here's another bib/burp cloth for a sweet baby boy ... I'm liking the look of the fabric patch and band instead of just ribbon.

My babies are big girls now and there seems to be a dark cloud over them. A few days ago Hannie got twisted up on the stairs, fell and sprained her ankle. Second degree sprain, will be in walking boot for about 6 wks. Not so good for college girl that earns rent money as a waitress! Then today some jerk(s) broke into Rachel Ann's car (broad day light, in the parking lot of her office building)...smashed the window, tore up the console trying to get the CD player out, took her IPod and GPS. Just makes a mother sick when 'stuff' happens to her children, no matter how old they are. Hopefully the cloud will show it's silver lining and something happy will happen for my babes.

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  1. I so agree about bad things happening to our "babies". Good things hopefully are coming their way!! xoxo