Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do your kids know?

At school yesterday my students (and I) were so excited to have a holiday weekend coming up. I asked what they had planned...assorted answers-going to 'the race', the lake, the beach, sleep all weekend (teenagers!)...then someone asked "what is Memorial Day anyway?" Are you serious?!?! Are our kids really this misinformed? add to my shock & amazement, no one could give a clear answer. I don't teach history, but jumped on that opportunity to stamp out ignorance. I would like to think we teach this in public education, but just in case-do your kids know the meaning of our holidays? know more than it's just a day out of school? I hope you have something great planned for the weekend...hope it includes remembering the men & women that gave their lives defending our freedom.
For us, the 'girly boat' is primed and headed to the lake. Have fun & be safe!

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