Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lucky baby

Another rainy day in NC, another great day to be in the basement. Just finished this gift set (bib, burp cloth, diaper cover & pacifer clip) for a lucky baby girl. I am thankful for my talents and love sharing it with others, especially precious babies.

I'm moving on to a Sunday afternoon ritual, ironing my clothes for the week. I know...nobody irons anymore, except me. I don't put my clothes in the dryer and it's just not in my nature to be wrinkled. So I turn on PBS and iron-very relaxing- nerdy perhaps, but satisfying. Let's see, three more Mondays 'til summer vacation, that's doable!


  1. Let me rephrase that for you - nobody irons anymore, except you and ME. I still iron everything. Couldn't live without spray starch! How much is that little ensemble that you created? It is darling!!

  2. Ha! I was expecting your Southern Ladies, aren't we! I love reading your blog & concure on almost every opinion. Thanks for your feedback here. The gift set is a very reasonable $42 + tax. Would love to create something special for one of your many gift giving occassions...keep me in mind!