Monday, May 25, 2009

Rained out

Our lake weekend got rained out. We had maybe half a day of sunshine and D skied a couple of times. Three of the girls came down and we enjoyed catching up & dinner from the grill. I made yummy chicken salad and L brought the best fresh strawberries. Crazy how sunshine & water make me want to eat non-stop...the scales were not friendly this morning! Anyway, summer showers are typical at the lake and normally I don't mind. We have a metal roof over the porch and 'sky chairs' so I can usually sit there for hours getting lost the sound of the rain. Very relaxing. However, after 'resting' so much this Spring following my surgery, I had no patience for just sitting around this weekend. So we packed up and came home yesterday. Sleeping in my own bed is so much nicer. Used my day off at home to put together another baby gift set. Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.

Eight regular days, four exam days and two workdays...not that I'm keeping track or anything!


  1. What cute baby things!! And yes, sleeping in your own bed is a good thing! Hope your last days of school fly by so you can have a vacation! ;)


  2. My daughter is only in K, but I am so looking forward to the end of school this year! I didn't know a 5 year old could be so busy! lol I am loving the baby things! :)

  3. Love the gift set! We had a great time at the lake even though it was short. I think Jack enjoyed the rain as much as the sunshine!

  4. Have a good week. It's almost over!! xoxo