Sunday, May 31, 2009


Why are weekends so short? Especially ones like we just had here in NC. Two days of the most gorgeous weather you can imagine. Boating, skiing, connecting with 'lake friends' after the long off-season, dinner prepared on the grill, glass(es) of wine by the chiminea, hours of carefree leisure...a totally perfect lake weekend! Of course our frivolity means no 'order processing' in the basement-I'll catch up this week. Tomorrow is the last regular Monday...are you keeping tack with me?... 4 days, then exams...the end is in sight!
Just added 'Home" by Michael Buble' to my IPod...what a mellow tune-aah, that anticipation of coming home ... my favorite place in the whole wide world ... home. Have a good night and here's wishing the days of our work week pass quickly.


  1. You a parent, I'm counting down days also! lol I'm looking forward to a summer full of being busy....wait.... that's not how it's supposed to work! lol

    Have fun these last 8 days!

  2. It WAS gorgeous weather!! Won't be long before we are into the 100% humidity here in NC. Can't wait.....not!