Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something new

Took a few minutes and Mom's suggestion to stitch up a new product... Personalized Tissue Cover...what do you think? No more ripped up plastic and messy tissues all over your purse. I can totally see a fabulous set of matching purse accessories...tissue cover, cosmetic bag, lighted compact mirror, key fob...this is a preppy girls dream! I'd love to make something special for your favorite babe (and that can be YOU!)
Sleeping late this morning was heavenly , can't wait to do it again tomorrow! Unusual rain storms off & on all day...perfect 'stay inside & sew day'. It's Race Week in our corner of the world, so most 'locals' stay home if at all possible. But it sure is some good people watching if we venture out. has been inspected, oil changed, washed inside & out (including the engine...a Danny thing) and tires will be rotated on Monday...I am 'good to go'! Time to close up shop for the day...had just enough work in the basement to say "I didn't have time to do laundry" . Works for me. Sweet dreams!


  1. I like those...I made those years ago for gifts, but never thought of monogramming them...great idea!!!


  2. You must sell those! They are darling!! How cute those would be in a gift bag for bridesmaids????