Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bridesmaids & Babies

I love making every order that comes into Basement Bags, but gifts for bridesmaids and babies are definitely my favorites. Thanks to MLK Day & a 'snow day' out of school I'm way ahead on orders...just finished eleven wet bikini bags for a customer in NY....what a great treat for her attendants! My personalized cosmetic bags are also very popular gifts during wedding season (which fortunate for me is all year 'round) and I can usually customize to match wedding color schemes. And what mother can resist personalized goodies for their new baby? Basement Babies has lots of cute stuff...hope you'll check it out next time you need a shower gift.
In addition to finishing up orders in the basement, we finished up the semester at school. Students had exams Wed. & Thurs. and we had a 'work day' on this was a week of 'teacher favorites'...snow days & work days! Monday we'll start the new semester...I excited!...two classes of 2nd yr. sewing...all my girls will be back to learn more about what I love! I have the best job in the whole school!


  1. Hey Susan! I was looking on your website last night for a bit! It's time for January's purse! I still haven't decided.. But I still have my heart set on a certain black, white, and pink one... :D

    I love seeing everything new that you make! I wish I was as crafty as you!

  2. Hey Heather...I made a 'fancy zebra' last week and monogrammed it in pink...should have posted a was toooo cute! here's a link,check it out
    Take care! I'm following your count down and praying the days go quickly.