Wednesday, January 14, 2009

48 good minutes

I just kept walking...iPod cranking out my fav tunes....planned to do 20 mins....48 minutes later I pushed the stop button! Feels soooo good! I want to get back in shape big time! Started WW Jan. 1 and there is already 3.6 lbs less of me! I'm so happy to have reconnected with a dear college friend, Fran. We're WW buddies now...checking in on each other and sharing weight-ins...we're using WW's great! So easy! She is losing too...think we can get back to Zeta weight? While entering my 'points' today, thought about a conversation I overheard a couple of years ago. I try so hard not to judge...but you know there are people who really have weight issues and then there are those who 'want' to have an issue and choose weight...I mean this woman was tiny. Doing WW on her own, probably because she was already too thin to enroll...anyway, someone asked 'how many points do you get each day?'...'18' she replied....huh, I big girls get 26!!!! LOL Then she went on to add 'it doesn't really pay to lose weight because you can't find a size 2 anywhere'......a size 2?!?!!? please! I prefer a 1 in front of my size number. It just takes all kinds. We got some extra special 'happy news' today...but I can't share yet....stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on your weight loss!! That is so awesome!!

  2. Thanks...3 down and 10x's that to go!...LOL