Saturday, January 31, 2009

Projects & Pounds

Here's what I worked on today....bags & a burp for Bethany. Finished several other projects, but keep forgetting to take pictures. D was in CA on business this week (hate it when he is away!!!) and since he's my photographer, we'll blame no project pics on him.
OK, so it's not 'official' because technically Monday is my WW weight-in, but as of this morning, I'm down 8 lbs! Yipeee! 'Course I won't really get excited until the number is much 4X's greater...but I am pleased with the first month and honestly, it hasn't been hard yet. Yesterday was the biggest challenge...WW frozen entree for lunch, one I'd never tried...sooo nasty, couldn't eat it...totally starving by the end of school. Add stress to of my favorite students caught her finger with the sewing machine was awful! Just a freaky little accident...needle broke off...trip to ER for it to be removed...won't she just love sewing from now on?!?!?! Checked on her last night and we ended up laughing about I said, she is a great girl! Teachers always wonder if students will remember us...feel pretty sure she will. Anyway...thank goodness for carrots & those 'extra points'!


  1. Yay for you!! Congrats on the weight loss! Yes, I would say that your student will never forget you or that fateful day in your class! that really is a freak accident, isn't it? I wish you were here to sew my projects that are calling my name - I'm just not in the mood :-) xoxo

  2. Thanks, Preppy! Not exactly how we want them to remember us, aye? Know what you mean about 'the sewing mood'...since starting BB can't succumb to the 'moods' anymore. Just know to keep the seam ripper handy on those days..LOL. Happy weekend!

  3. I just wish I knew how to sew. I have always wanted to learn, but taking formal classes for crafty stuff never works for me. lol